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Basic Interior & Exterior Detailing

Enjoy this quick video edit of a Nissan Murano which we had the pleasure of showing some love with our entry-level interior & exterior detailing package. This client also upgraded to a single stage paint correction. Keep on reading to see everything that is included with this package.

What IS included in a Basic Interior & Exterior Detailing?

The basic interior detail:

  • Thorough vacuum + Tornador Air Blow Gun (compressed air tool) / (Heavy Pet hair + $9)
  • All purpose clean and wipe down + dressing (specific chemical/brand can vary depending on surface)
  • Meguiar’s glass cleaner (smells amazing!)

Our entry level package does not include carpet or seat shampoo. See complete detail (page under construction).

The basic exterior detail:

  • Pre-rinse wheels & tires and apply ‘wheel cleaner’ then scrub tires and outer wheel (inner barrel + $9)
  • Pre-rinse body then apply soap with foam cannon (please let us know if your car is ceramic coated so can we can select proper soaps)
  • Hand wash with professional sponges (buckets have dirt filters in bottom which trap dirt helping to prevent swirls & scratches)
  • Dry with super absorbent drying towels + air to ensure no water runs after you drive away. (including door jambs)

Our entry level package does not include engine bay, clay bar decontamination or any paint correction (buffing/polishing)

What IS NOT included in the Basic Interior & Exterior Detailing package?

  • Carpet and seat shampoo
  • Clay bar decontamination
  • Paint Correction

What is Single Stage Paint Correction?

As the name implies, single stage, is not fully inclusive correction, also referred to as a ‘one-step’. During this process we do one pass with the machine which still removes a significant amount of imperfections; you’ll be impressed! However multi-stage paint correction is needed to achieve highest rate of blemish removal.

The pricing varies based on the vehicle type so contact us now and we’ll respond ASAP. You should call in if able during normal business hours. 623-388-3110.

What questions do you have? It would be my pleasure to answer them in the comment section below or through email. Thanks for reading!

– Danny

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  1. I work at Camelback VW Subaru and was recommended to take my new 2021 Sierra 2500HD AT4 to you to have the factory paint inperfections fixed and a ceramic coating and clear bra.

    What is the cost and do you offer trade discounts for dealers?

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