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    The Arizona legal limit for the front side windows is 35% VLT (Visible Light Transmission).

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    All product lines offered through our shop which are installed in accordance with legal limits will receive Lifetime Manufacturers Warranties.

    3M warranties are transferable. SunTek warranties are not.

    Micro-edging refers to the size of the gap between the film edge and top glass edge on door windows.  The gap should be as small as possible. Micro-edging results in a factory style finish which your eye is not drawn to.

    Vehicles with frameless doors, such as Teslas and Corvettes, receive filed edges. This leaves zero gap between the glass edge and film edge which looks amazing.

    IR energy is the heat producing energy spectrum whereas the UV spectrum is what damages your skin and upholstery. SunTek Carbon window film is the only product line we offer that does NOT reject IR energy.