Tracy Lepre

General Manager / Installer


Tracy is a certified 3M Crystalline window film installer and trainer with over 40 years of experience in the window tinting and paint protection film industry.


Tracy is a 40+ year veteran in the industry with an impeccable record of quality installations, customer service and satisfaction. Tracy specializes in installation and training of auto window tinting and paint protection films.  A certified Crystalline installer and trainer of 8 years, he established two California locations to become the leading dealer for 3M films. Nearing 60 years of age, he still loves to install quality jobs and assist in educating the public about new technology advancements in the window film industry.


Mechanical design, locksmith, wood working and auto mechanics.

Personal Interests

Enjoys Rock climbing (bouldering only) or anything on two-four wheels that keeps him moving. Ocean-bred, loves free diving, surfing, boating and fishing as well as classic cars, motorcycles and Hot Wheels collecting. Loves pets.

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